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 About And Aims

1. International understanding

2. Trying to get children, families and people in need in communication and dialogue with aid and relief organization and authorities for assistance, aid, support and relief

3. news and information on radio, television (web television), online and printed media

4. So far as possible assistance and relief for families and children in need in Madagascar and other countries


The given and provided information is published in the English and German language.

For a free translation you might visit www.google.com/translate


International Social And Medical Outreach Team

International Network Group

Andreas Klamm – Sabaot, Journalist, nurse (R.N.), paramedic, author, writer

P.O. BOX 1113

D 67137 Neuhofen



Tel. 00496236489044

Tel. 00496236416802

Mobile Tel. 00491701486728

Mobil Tel. 00491788172114

E-mail: newsreporter247@googlemail.com

Email: cvd@ibstelevision.org

Internet / World wide web:

1. International Social And Medical Outreach Team, http://ismotnetwork.wordpress.com

2. Regionalhilfe.de, http://www.regionalhilfe.de (Regionalhilfe.de = Regional Aid)

3. IFN International Family Network d734, http://www.ifninternationalfamilynetworkd734.org

4. GHL Social Mission / GHL Sozialmission, http://www.regionalhilfe.de/ghlsozialmission


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/andreas.klamm

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AndreasKlammage.

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