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Contact / Kontakt

The given and provided information is published in the English and German language.

For a free translation you might visit www.google.com/translate


International Social And Medical Outreach Team

International Network Group

Andreas Klamm – Sabaot, Journalist, nurse (R.N.), paramedic, author, writer

P.O. BOX 1113

D 67137 Neuhofen



Tel. 00496236489044

Tel. 00496236416802

Mobile Tel. 00491701486728

Mobil Tel. 00491788172114

E-mail: newsreporter247@googlemail.com

Email: cvd@ibstelevision.org

Internet / World wide web:

1. International Social And Medical Outreach Team, http://ismotnetwork.wordpress.com

2. Regionalhilfe.de, http://www.regionalhilfe.de (Regionalhilfe.de = Regional Aid)

3. IFN International Family Network d734, http://www.ifninternationalfamilynetworkd734.org

4. GHL Social Mission / GHL Sozialmission, http://www.regionalhilfe.de/ghlsozialmission


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/andreas.klamm

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AndreasKlamm.

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